Meet Globoy Solar Night Lamp – Your Newest Eco-friendly Sentinel

When it’s getting late and nighttime comes, one of the important things that you need is a source of illumination. Lamps usually are very useful if you don’t need too much beam from the main lights in your house. You prefer to use a lamp while reading on your bed, surfing the internet on your PC, or simply want to turn it on at one corner of your room to add a fine ambiance while you are relaxing. But since there are plenty of lamps available out there, from small and large sizes to cute and colorful designs, you still want to own a cool and unique lamp. If you think you’ve already seen them all, take a look at this very adorable lamp – Globoy Solar Night Lamp.

This nightlight lad accompanies you after you had a long day from work, school or other activities. Kids will surely enjoy the Globoy Solar Night lamp because of its joyful look while glowing at night and sleeping expression during the day. Additionally, it can help your child appreciate saving electricity and being eco-friendly as this lamp uses solar-powered battery. Simply flip the lamp during the day while it sleeps to let the battery get power from the sun and then turn it over at nighttime to see how Globoy awakens and glow. When fully charged, the solar-powered battery can last up to 6 hours.

The Globoy Solar Night Lamp is one lovable gadget that will surely adore by everyone in your home. Go get your own here!

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