mDock – The First Docking Station and Backup Solution for your MacBook Pro

Got a Macbook Pro? Then, here’s the newest Apple accessory that will sure catch your fancy. Introducing mDock – the first docking station and backup solution for your MacBook Pro.

A lot of MacBook Pro users complain about how they repeatedly plug and unplug devices to their Apple gadget simply because it can’t accommodate all of them at the same time. They say, this is very time-consuming and not to mention causes a lot of clutter. mLogic knows these woes of MacBook Pro users and so as a solution, they created a docking station that’s designed mainly for them. As a docking station, your MacBook Pro can now be used simultaneously to dock your iPhone and connect other USB compliant devices such as your MP3 player, digital camera, and more. No need to plug and unplug just to connect all of them to your MacBook Pro. With this Apple docking station, everything is made more simple and organized.

But aside from being a docking station, the mDock can also be used as a back up for your MacBook Pro system every time you dock. Not only that, it also serves as a charging station for your iOS devices since it features a high-power charge port.

This Apple docking station and backup solution really makes a good addition to your growing collection of Apple accessories. Or if you want, you can look at other Apple products. Here, feel free to check out this Mac External Hard Drive.

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