Make your Kids’ Summer More Fun with the Aquapod Bottle Launcher

Summer is here! So, got any plans yet? Hey, this is the perfect time to hit the beach with the family! Or go backpacking, at least. The kids will surely have so much fun with the water, and yeah with nature. Hmmm. Don’t tell me you haven’t plan anything yet? Oh I see, we understand here at Geekie that sometimes your busy schedule can’t accommodate such fun time with the family. But your kids sure won’t. So we’re giving you more options to make your kids still enjoy summer, without having to hit the beach or go backpacking. Introducing the Aquapod Bottle Launcher!

To start enjoying this gadget, all your kids need is a 2L plastic softdrink bottle (which no longer has softdrink of course) and a bike-pump. Once they have these, all they need to do now is to fill the bottle with fresh water (take note it should only be half-filled) and then connect it to the launcher. Next, get the bike-pump and use it to fill the bottle with air and raise the pressure inside. After this step, the bottle is ready to go. But wait! Before your kids do that, make sure they retreat to a safe distance, about 15 ft at that. Once done, they can now give the release larnyard a gentle tug and off goes the bottle showering water along the way.

So, do you think your kids will have fun time with this? For sure, they’ll do. After all, it’s summer, it’s hot, and a refreshing shower of water will sure cool them down.

Pre-order the Aquapod Bottle Launcher here now!

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