Looxcie II – Never Miss Recording Any Precious Moment Again

Video camcorder, digital cameras, and mobile phones are great gadgets when it comes to recording videos. Whether you’re on a local vacation, an out-of-the-country trip, at parties, or simply at home wanting to record some really precious moments, you can rely on any of these cool gadgets to capture them for you. But are they really that reliable? Well that could be true to some extent, especially if you still have ample time to set the gadget to video recording before capturing them. But what if the moment is unexpected or you were clapping or holding the cake for the celebrant, how can you possibly record the scene? Enter the nifty yet really ingenious gadget called Looxcie II.

So, you might ask, “What can this little gadget do that an ordinary video camcorder, digicam, or cellphone can’t?” Well basically, this can record everything even those moments when you need to clap your hands while your subject is blowing the birthday candle, or during wedding speeches and you’re drinking or still munching on some food, graduation ceremonies, and more. Or perhaps, when you are playing with your baby girl and she suddenly utters her first words or makes her first step. Really, these moments have to be captured and you can’t do them in an instant if your video camcorder is still off, your digicam is inside the drawer, and your mobile phone’s video cam mode is not on standby. So this is what sets the Looxcie II apart from all these. Simply hook it neatly over your ear and that’s it!

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