Loosen Up Those Fingers with USB Whack It

Nothing can quite release all that pent up anger and built up stress than a good game of whack-a-mole. No other game is able to combine cute furry creatures, a wooden mallet, and a chance to unleash your inner frustration in one. Your own whack-a-mole arcade game on your workstation may be a tall order but there’s still a way to enjoy this mechanical wonder without raising some eyebrows.

The new USB Whack-It may not involve woodland critters and a hammer but this mini USB-powered whacking game is just as addictive. Like its retro-arcade ancestor, you can tap or clobber its popping colorful creatures back to the hole whence they came from with your fingers as they light up randomly. Each game is limited to 30 seconds up to a minute for a fast paced game of Whack-It, to take it up a notch – the game gets faster and more frenzied as the timer counts down.

Every game comes with a score of electronic sound effects and earned points are shown on an integrated LCD score board. To keep you motivated in whacking those mini “moles”, you can custom paint them to the likeness of your annoying boss or office mate.

Summary of features:

• USB or battery powered
• Game Duration 30 seconds or 1 minute
• Includes feet suckers
• Start/Stop button
• LCD score counter
• Light up ‘moles’
• Speaker for game effects
• Powered by 3x AG13/ LR44 batteries (Included)

Loosen up and start the fun by getting USB Whack It here!

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