LomoKino – Go Back to Early Days of Motion Picture

At present, if we want to create our very own movie, we use one of these high-end gadgets: video camcorder, mobile phone, digital camera, and sometimes even our computer or laptop with a reliable web camera. But from these gadgets, the most often used is the mobile phone because it’s portable and it’s what we usually bring everyday. So when events happen and we need to capture them in an instant, our mobile phone is just within reach to record the action for us. Now, just imagine how our life would be without any of these gadgets to create movies for us. Hmmm. why don’t we go back to early days of motion picture and see how we can create movies back then? Yes, it’s possible – we just have to use the LomoKino!

The LomoKino is a smaller version of the equipment that filmakers used in the past to create movies. Have you seen movies which showed a scene wherein a roll of film was used so that people can watch films? For sure, you do. So that’s exactly the idea behind this LomoKino. By simply loading a roll of 35mm film to this gadget, you can let your imagination roll, your creative run wild, and start start creating your very own movie. Isn’t that exciting? At least, for a change, you get to go back in time and not become too dependent on what modern technology gives.

Here, see what the LomoKino offers:

– Simple shooting – just rotate the advancing crank to shoot your movie
– Volume display to show how much film you have left
– Comes with a standard tripod thread
– LomoKino viewfinder helps you compose your movie
– Hot-shoe that can be used with Lomography flashes such as Fritz the Blitz and other strobes

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