Lomo Colorsplash – Your Easy-To-Use Point and Shoot Camera

Photography is a great hobby. In fact, lots of people now turn to DSLRs to make the most out of this fun activity. Why? Because they found them more reliable in terms of speed, flexibility, and picture quality. However, some people find these cool gadgets way too complicated to operate. And so, if you are among them, you don’t have to forget about photography just because you don’t want to go about the complexities of learning how to use a DSLR. With this simple type of point and shoot camera called the Lomo Colorsplash, you can always go about shooting the pictures you love without worrying about settings and lenses.

The Lomo Colorsplash is a 35mm point and shoot camera featuring an integral flash and a rotating color wheel that allows you to light up your subjects with any color you choose. Whether you want red, yellow, purple, or blue, simply spin the wheel, pick the particular color you like, and shoot. That easy! Not only that, if you want to add richness to your photography or simply cast a familiar scene in a whole new light, you don’t have to use a special type of lens just to do achieve it. All you need to do is select a complimentary hue or simply adjust the exposure setting, so you achieve that new depth or abstract edge that you need in no time.

So why trouble yourself with learning how to use a DSLR if you can simply point and shoot using the Lomo Colorsplash? Pre-order one now!

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