Liven Up Your Party with Flashing Shot Glasses

Wow, it’s the last day of November! A few minutes to go and it’s already the start of the merriest month of all! Whew, how time flies! So, what are your upcoming plans for December? I’m pretty sure a lot of offices are planning for their corporate Christmas parties already. Is your company among them? Or maybe you’re thinking about hosting your very own right at your place? Wow, that’s cool! Of course, no party is ever complete without booze, right? So plan your cocktails and drinks as early as now and for a change, why don’t you use a set of these Flashing Shot Glasses?

These Flashing Shot Glasses are great to liven up any party. At first glance, you’ll notice that they are not your ordinary shot glasses as they are made with LED technology, making them perfect for night time parties. To use one of these, all you need to do is simply fill it with liquid, and it will be activated automotically. There are actually two sensors at the bottom of the glass, and these are the ones that are mainly responsible in activating two continuous flash functions: one is for slow color change rainbow then another is for a more rapid flash. Once you emptied the glass and it dried up, the lights will automically turn off. Just a reminder though: Never put these glasses in the dishwasher – these are FOR HAND WASH ONLY!

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12 Blinking Shot Glasses with Multi Color Flashing LEDs Lights Barware Supply
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