LightSleeper – Lets You Fall Asleep Quickly and Naturally

Are you having trouble going to sleep at night? Do you keep waking at night and have a hard time going back to sleep again? Do you want to overcome that sleeping difficult but don’t want to go through rigorous tests and procedures? If you say YES to all these, then it’s time you use this safe and natural way to overcome sleeping difficulties called the LightSleeper!

So, how does this thing work? First, you need to turn off the lights in your bedroom. Then, switch on the LightSleeper so it will project a light on ceiling above your bed. You will notice that the projected light moves in a controlled, circular, and soothing. Now, what you will do is follow this light with your eyes while you are lying on your bed. Little by little, you will feel that your mind is getting relaxed and you doze off to sleep without you even noticing it.

The LightSleeper is very easy to use, that even an older person will not have a hard time operating it. Before you turn it on, first you have to see to it that it is placed at your bedside, where it can project light without any obstruction. Then, to turn it on, locate the switch at the back of the device. Now, if you want to adjust the light’s brightness, simply use the button found at the base. You can also choose between two modes: constant and pulsing. All you need to do is to press and hold the brightness button for two seconds.

So there you have it. Now, you can fall asleep quickly and naturally. But if you think this is not the one suited for you, then check out this Sound Asleep Pillow available at Geekie Store.

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