Lights, Camera – Replay!

When wipeouts and other funny moments in life worthy of ‘’The World’s ’’ – title happen, chances are you won’t get the unwilling and sorry participants to re-enact the whole event for you so that you can capture it on video (and send it to some TV shows later). It pays to be ready to get things caught on tape (or flash drives); you can never know what life will throw in next. But forget about bulky camcorders and digicams, you’ll look just like a creepy stalker, a clueless tourist, or annoying paparazzi.

For a handy full HD action-camera, look for none other than the new Replay XD1080. It comes in a small design and features a weather-resistant, anodized, and durable aluminum enclosure – that’s the long way of telling that you can discretely bring it with you virtually anywhere. The HD video recorder is small enough to be mounted anywhere using the included rotatable and adjustable HeimLock and LowBoy mounts. The XD1080 maybe one of the smallest, lightest, and simplest full HD videocams you’ll get your hands but it’s pretty big on features. There’s the ease of operation, just turn it on and press record to start shooting. The integrated LED and vibration provides feedback when it’s ready to record.
Inside, the Replay XD1080 features a wide angle 135-degree, 6-element, f3.1 lens with anti-glare coating and is capable of recording and streaming 1080p videos at 30fps. It also uses a matching 5 megapixel CMOS sensor that delivers clear, vibrant, and crisp images with very minimal distortion. The audio input features wind-noise suppression technology and the output supports 3.5mm Mini-jack adapter.

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