Light up a Night Party with LED Flashing Luminescent Shoelace

Tying your shoes in the dark is not exactly a life or death ordeal but it can still be made easier with LED Flashing Luminescent Shoelace! This attractively glowing in the dark shoe lace is made from high quality transparent plastic optical fiber that mainly features a super bright LED. It is perfect to use on all types of night activities, parties, camping, and many more. Wearing a pair of LED Flashing Luminescent Shoelaces will surely make any event more enjoyable and colorful. Pair them with different kinds of shoes like running shoes, boots, skates, and a lot more. There are 3 modes to choose from, the constant light, quick flash, or slow flash. Aside from using as a shoe lace, you can also tie it around your handbag, backpack, or wear as a necklace. With 80 cm long, you can trim it to the length you need.

The LED Flashing Luminescent Shoelace is very easy to use using the on and off button. You can fasten and unfasten through the lock but since the shoelace is intended for decoration, it is not as tight as the regular shoelace when tied up. Each shoelace uses 1 x CR2032 battery that can last up to 30 running hours. Package includes a pair of LED Flashing Luminescent Shoelaces and battery.

If you want to add fun and color to a night party, make sure to wear a LED Flashing Luminescent Shoelace. Go get a pair now!

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