LG Xenon GR500 AT&T GSM Touch Phone

As long as communication and durability matters LG never stops to create something that would fit in your  needs for enjoyment, communication and style. The LG Xenon GR500 AT&T GSM Touch Phone has it all, an admirable touch screen with features for social networks ready to use supported with an internet browser that completes the fun of web fanatics. It has an mp3 player for music enthusiast, a video and camera recorder allows you to keep every single moment of life preserve through captivating photos and memorable events recorded. This will be the best fit for travelers, students and people on the go who would prefer  handsets  that’s easy to use yet fully loaded with useful features and applications that they can benefit the most.  Newly designed for better communication the LG Xenon Gr500 has receive a lot of great reviews, known to be one of the best messaging carrier in US .

Mobility with style is what it markets, This handset looks more elegant with its Red and black colors enhanced with a bright adjustable light  form its 16 bit color screen display. Updated by changeable themes and menu skins, and a long lasting battery consumption with 264 hours stand time and a 240 minutes talk time. Memory can be supported with a Micro SDHC card with optional saving gateway, internal memory/external memory protecting your phone for bugging down . This is how LG preserves its successful image in technology and innovation by providing quality products and services and staying competitive with their price.


Voice-Activated Dialing,Java Enabled, , MMS Enabled, Polyphonic Ringtones, Video Streaming, Global Ready, Video Recording, Color Screen, Bluetooth Enabled, GPS, Calendar, Email Access, Internet Browser, MP3 Player, SMS-Text Messaging, 3G Data Cap,GPS Navigation, Memory Card Slot, Quad Band

The LG Xenon GR500 is available here:


The LG Xenon GR500 is a fully featured Phone with GPS Navigation, MP3 Player, Stereo Bluetooth, Memory Card Slot, Quad Band, Camera & Video, Plus
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