Lexmark Genesis – The All-in-One Inkjet Printer

Speed, style, and SmartSolutions – these are the three things that you sure won’t miss when you take advantage of Lexmark’s all-in-one inkjet printer – the Genesis.

Using the latest in Flash Scan technology, the Lexmark Genesis allows you to go from document to digital in blazing scanning speed. No need to wait for minutes just to have that document scanned, in time for your next presentation. In as fast as three seconds, your digital copy awaits you, way advanced than the time you expected it to be done. However, actual scan time varies. Factors such as PC performance and operating system, use of character recognition or document edit function, and use of wireless connections can very much affect the scanning process, so be sure to check on these if scanning goes beyond 3 seconds.

As for style, its unique, sleek upright design is made even more exciting with the 4.3-inch capacitive color touch screen Now, it’s a lot easier for you to navigate this AIO with fax. And since this touch screen technology is web-connected, even busy professionals like you can easily create customized SmartSolutions and access it including widely used applications like Triplt, Evernote, and Box.net. How about Twitter and Facebook SmartSolutions? Of course, they are also included in the list. Now, you can use this AIO to scroll through and search Twitter feeds and view Facebook walls without the need for another computer. And since this product features Wifi N, you get to enjoy expanded coverage than you have ever imagined.

Lexmark indeed did a great job in combining speed, style, and SmartSolutions in their Genesis. Check out these Lexmark printer wireless products if you want to see more!

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