Let your Kid’s Play Time a Learning Time Too with Vtech Kidiminiz

Educational toy is a good reinforcement to the development of children. Aside from letting them enjoy their play time, they also start to learn things at a young age while stimulating their sensory development. Let your kids experience all of these with the new Vtech Kidiminiz. This interactive educational toy lets your child learn the significance of cause and effect, problem solving and improves your child’s hand/eye coordination and sensory development.

The Vtech Kidiminiz features a mode button that allows you to select different activities like Free Play, Clean Me, Sing and Dance, Feed Me, and Clock. In Free Play mode, the pet responds to clapping and follows around when you place a food in front of it. You can also hear funny sounds, melodies and even sentences. The Clean Me lets you help keep the Kidiminiz neat by pressing its paws (for Kitten and Puppy) and by clapping your hands (for Bunny). The Sing and Dance activity makes your pet react when you clap by singing or dancing with the music. There are 3 different songs for each pet. The Feed Me lets you choose a food by pressing the paws until you see the desired food on the screen. Available foods depend on the type of pet whether for a kitten, puppy or bunny. The Clock Mode lets you set the clock or use it as alarm clock by pressing the Set button and paws. Moreover, the Kidiminiz comes with mini games for additional activities and a volume button for adjusting from low, medium to high sound level.

You can change the Kidiminiz’s face on Free Play and mini games. There are 3 sets of eyes, noses, and mouths to choose from. You can also let your pet play with another Kidiminiz and see them talk or sing to each other. Only 2 pets are recommended and must be used with adult supervision since the Kidiminiz pets are suitable for children 3 years old and above. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries.

Let your kids play while learning too, order the Vtech Kidiminiz here!

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