Lenco Soundbar – for a Rich Surround Sound Experience

Go ask any some audiophiles out there and they will tell you that your home entertainment system will not be complete without a set of surround sound speakers. But the problem with such gadgets is, they may not look good or fit well in your room especially if it has a very limited space. You may find it a bit challenging to arrange the home theater system in such a way that not one of the devices included in the system will turn out to be an eyesore.

Thankfully, new technology has paved way to home theater speakers that are genuine space savers. One of them is the Lenco 3D Soundbar. This device allows you to enjoy a rich surround-sound experience coming from just one speaker. Yes, you’ve read it right! Just one speaker! You may ask “how on earth does this soundbar work?” Well the Lenco 3D Soundbar comes with six 10W speakers and single 20W subwoofer that generate a combined 80W of audio wallop. This means you can contentedly listen to your favorite tunes or watch movies. This is also great if you want to completely immerse yourself in games minus the mess and hassles of trailing wires, wasted space, and or course, tricky setup process.

But before you shell out bucks for the Lenco 3D Soundbar, it pays to know its specs and features first. So here they are:

Product Features
• 3D sound effects
• 6 speakers integrated with powerful subwoofer
• Compatible with MP3 player, DVD player, TV, PC, Games console etc
• Remote control

• 6x 10W speakers
• 20W subwoofer
• 80W total output (RMS)
• AUX input and cable
• 2x Line input

What are you waiting for? Click here to pre-order a Lenco 3D Soundbar now.

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