Lenco 2.1 High Powered Speakerball – Explosive Sound and Unique Ball Design in One

If you see this Lenco 2.1 High Powered Speakerball, the first thing that will enter your mind is a glossy cartoon bomb. Or if you are fond of playing Bomberman, for sure you’ll remember the bombs that you used to put in place near the bricks so they’ll break down and reveal the door to take you to the next level. But this one is just designed so because it produces truly explosive sound. Lots of speakers systems claim that they provide this as well. But if you combine really loud sound with unique ball design, then expect this one to raise the roof like no other.

You can use this stylish speakerball with your iPhone or iPod, so those cool gadgets are no longer confined to your own listening pleasure. You see, great sound that’s shared is even more pleasurable. So do away with those earphones or headsets, and set your iPhone/iPod on this speaker to play and charge at the same time. It features a built-in subwoofer and twin speakers, so you can expect nothing but superb sound quality. It also has an adjustable bass and treble and 4 equalizers to choose whether you want rock, pop, classic, or jazz.

The great sound is actually enough reason why you should get this product. But considering its unique ball design, don’t you think it’ll look great in your bedroom, living room, or even in the kitchen? So unique indeed, because you can’t find it anywhere else. Get the Lenco 2.1 High Powered Speakerball now!

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