LEGO Boombox – Reminisce those LEGO Days

Remember the days when you and your kids were having so much fun playing LEGO. They were great bonding moments, right? And now that they are teens, how you wish you could still spend the days more often with them just like on those LEGO days. Or if not, at least give them something which can make them remember those bonding moments they had with you. Well, if your teens are fond of listening to the radio or if they are into playing CDs and MP3 players, then wish no more because the LEGO Boombox is here to make that wish come true.

The LEGO Boombox is not an ordinary boombox because as its name suggests, it’s LEGO-inspired. At first glance you might say, “Oh, it looks like a LEGO brick, only that it is ten times bigger!” True, it is ten times the size of the normal eight stud LEGO brick that you and your kids used to play with. But this time, bigger is better, because this will allow your teens to play CDs and tune in to AM/FM radio or connect their MP3 players for more listening pleasure. Just imagine the look on their faces when they use this, for sure they’d always remember those LEGO days with you.

So, how to operate this thing? Simply use the studs on top of the boombox, twiddle them so you can control the volume or tune in to AM/FM radio. If you want it programmed, you can always do so up to 20 tracks.

Get this LEGO Boombox here now!

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