LaCie Porsche Design P’9230 Desktop Drive – Form and Function, Perfectly Combined

Yes, it’s built for speed and it boasts a perfect blend of design and performance. What we’re talking about here is the new LaCie Porsche Design P’9230. It is a new breed of desktop hard drive that comes with a perfect blend of form and function. It is formed with the collaboration of LaCie and one of the most renowned design firms in the world. With this device, it will be way easy for you to transfer files faster than you could ever imagine. It ensures USB 3.0 performance and has the capacity it takes to hold all of your files. Thanks to its striking LED, P’9230 is oozing with sophisticated elegance.

Since LaCie joined forces with Porsche Design, you can be sure that the result is something that combines flawless functionality with pure design – the technical know-how comes from LaCie while the exclusive and timeless shape is Porsche Design’s idea. As if that’s not enough, with P’9230’s USB 3.0 interface, you can transfer even a 700MB video file in less than seven seconds! Isn’t that amazing? This USB 3.0 speed also gives you the capability to back up your photos, videos, and music files.

When it comes to protecting your files, you can count on the P’9230 because it comes with 5mm aluminum casing which envelopes the drive inside. So it’s pretty much like a solid armor protecting your data, right? It also provides the drive with classy substance and even allows it to dissipate heat. Such properties contribute a lot in protecting the hard disk and extending its service life. Truly, it’s a desktop hard drive that will look great on your desk.

Purchase the LaCie Porsche Design P’9230 here.

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