LaCie CloudBox – Sky High Data Backup and Protection

Protecting digital data is a risky business that’s why an extra measure to keep them safe goes a long way. To the truly paranoid, where no regular back-up drives are safe enough and no solid steel vault is thick enough, consider securing your data where nobody but you can reach it – up in the cloud. Taking full advantage of the latest in cloud computing, LaCie developed the CloudBox – a hybrid hard drive and cloud storage and back-up solution. This easy to use device automatically and independently back ups your files online every time you transfer or copy paste your files on the CloudBox. Basically your data is backed up in an external drive and in the cloud for stress-free double protection. The 100GB online cloud storage is free for the first year and can easily be renewed to continue the service.

Lacie CloudBox uses a simple setup wizard to get you started and protected in no time. Furthermore, its drag and drop and automatic online back-up can support up to 10 Windows or Mac computers. In case anything happens to your CloudBox or your data has been compromised you can always recover everything through your online backup. For selective file restore, the online restore app will allow you to bring back up to 10 previous versions of selected files and folder.
Make sure with anything you are doing with cloud computing that you keep your cloud security programs up to date to get the best out of the cloud server. To experience ultimate security, the hard drive itself is password protected and user passwords are not stored online ensuring that only authorized personnel can access the online backup. All files are also protected with military-class 128-bit AES data encryption before upload to ensure safe and secure cloud storage even when the CloudBox itself becomes compromised.

More LaCie backup devices can be found here.

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