Korg Wavedrum Mini Lets Any Surface Turn into a Percussion Instrument

Listening to your favorite music may let you hit different objects that look like your hitting drums especially when you get emotional with the songs. No need to act like drumming this time because there is the Korg WaveDrum Mini that would realistically allow you to play drums and percussions at any time and place!

The WaveDrum Mini is a portable drum and percussion instrument that comes with a built-in speaker. It features a dynamic pad surface that expressively responds to different striking styles like open shots, slap shots and resounds according to location and force amount of your strikes. Not only that, the WaveDrum also includes a dynamic sensor clip that allows you to have a second sound aside from the drum beat on the pad surface. The sensor clip can be attached to any object or surface and turns that object into a playable instrument by producing a different sound effect. Furthermore, the WaveDrum Mini is integrated with 10 built-in effects that can be quickly applied to sound thus creating a more exciting musical result. There are 100 rhythm patterns that can be used for jamming along and also helps beginners to have a steady rhythm. The WaveDrum Mini’s 100 ready-to-play sounds range from acoustic tones to synthetic sounds.

Designed with portability in mind, the WaveDrum Mini can be quickly set up whether you’re on the street, outdoors or anywhere. Aside from using AC power using the included AC adapter, it is also battery operated that can last for up to 4 hours. You can share music through the built-in speaker or perform using the headphones. There is a strap so you can conveniently play the WaveDrum Mini outdoors.

Grab your own here!

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