Knog Skink Back Light – Bike Safely Even at Night

If the dark is stopping you from biking for a longer period, then you need to have this Knog Skink Back Light attached to your bike. Designed as a safety light, this gadget allows you to be more visible even from a distance. It features different lighting modes such as Strobe, DISCO Strobe, Strobe Pulse, or Constant, so you won’t find any reason now why you can’t go on cycling at night. In fact, this strip of four LED modes will make your bike more visible not just up to 300m but up to 600m away.

Losing the daylight does not have to scare the hell out of you when you are still out there biking in an urban area if you just have the Knog Skink Back Light. Although it’s quite understandable why you fear such, there is really no reason why you should not enjoy cycling at night, yes even in urban areas at that. So if you’re free this weekend, then be sure to put installation of this gadget on top of your to-do list. Attaching it is very easy. In fact you don’t have to use complicated tools just to put it in place. Simply use its integral clip and then attach it to your bike in no time. That easy! You can even just keep it in your bag or jacket pocket if you still don’t want to use it.

So want to have this item? Order the Knog Skink Back Light here now!

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