KitSound Duo Speaker – The Heavy Metal Mini Speaker

Mini speakers are portable sound system with only about an inch woofers made to feed on limited amount of voltage supplied by a USB port, or a single or set of batteries. With their small design, people really can’t expect much from them especially from the bass side. An equally portable subwoofer can be added to enhance the sound quality but that would just add to the cable clutter and baggage – defeating the purpose of getting a mini speaker on the first place. There are probably thousands of mini portable speakers out there that are made to pair with your favorite mobile music devices and computers, but much to the customer’s dismay, only few meet the audio quality yearned for by discerning ears.

The successes of mini-speakers from well-known manufacturers like Altec Lansing, Creative, Sony and X-Mini prove that limited size is not an engineering problem. Yes, with the technology today, size shouldn’t be a barrier to great sounding speakers and the new KitSound Stereo Portable Mini Speaker is another proof of that. This metallic dual-speakers start off where other mini speakers fail – in sound quality, portability and style.

The Kitsound Duo Speaker comes in two halves of a cylinder with metallic finish. The dual cylinder stereo speakers are magnetized and can be combined into a single unit for better portability. The speakers are recharged thru a USB port using a multi-functional splitter cable. The other end of the cables goes into a free USB port and the other ends with a 3.5 mm audio jack.

The nitty-gritty hardware specs are as follows:

• AMP Freq Range: 180Hz~20KHz
• Signal-to-noise ration: > 80dB
• Speaker: 4 ohm
• Line Input: 3.5 mm
• Charging Time: about 3 Hours
• Rating Power: 2W+2W
• Power Input: Mini USB

Get this cool gadget here.

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