Kiss Me Meter Bad Breath Detector – No Need to Second Guess

It’s quite difficult to know if you have bad breath, not unless if someone tells you so. But oftentimes, you never really know if you have because even those who can smell it won’t likely tell you that. Why? Because they don’t want to embarass you. But be observant about their action because sometimes their gestures alone will tell you if they do find your breath smelling really bad. Take for example if they cover their nose when having a conversation with you or if they suddenly walk away when you come near them.But why wait or second guess their actions if there’s an easier way to know if you have bad breath or not? Introducing the Kiss Me Meter Bad Breath Detector!

Do I have to say more? Actually the name already says it all. This geek gadget is used mainly to detect bad breath whether it’s due to cavity, cigarette scent, hyperacidity, diabetes, or an internal disease. However, this device is not really intended for temporary bad breath like for example from eating onions but instead, it’s for detecting recurring bad breath that’s often caused by the conditions mentioned above. So if you never really know that you have any of the said conditions, then you can use this tool as preliminary self-diagnosis for various health issues.

Now, you might wonder why it’s called Kiss Me? Well just look at these color indications that this device will provide you:

* Green – Kiss me
* Yellow – Possible
* Orange – Maybe
* Bright Red – Risky
* Dark Red – Never

So don’t wait and second guess if you’ve got bad breath or not. Get yourself this Kiss Me Meter Bad Breath Detector now!

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