Kisai Seven – It’s Beyond the Ordinary

Christmas is still a couple of weeks away, but some people are already making their Christmas shopping list as early as now. Have you started creating your own list too? If not yet, then you may want to consider giving some extra ordinary gifts these year. Yes, that’s for a change, at least. And your friends and loved ones will surely appreciate you even more because they receive something that is beyond the ordinary. So, what could be included in your list? Here’s one of our suggestions – a watch that has a cool futuristic design and LEDs called the Kisai Seven.

If you look at the image, the first thing you’ll ask might be, “How do I tell the time with such unconventional type of watch?” Well, here’s the thing – see those two pulsating rings of light? Those are the ones that tell the time – the inner ring serves as the hour hand and the outer ring as the minute hand. And if you will look closely, there’s a dark void section in each ring that points to the exact time. There are actually lights that trail off around the wrist and these are not simply for display. These trailing lights are the ones that help you pin down the exact minute by lighting up in segments.

Here’s the summary of features of this product:

* Displays the time
* 3 user selectable light-up modes
* Light-up animation feature (can be turned off)
* USB rechargeable – connect to your computer
* USB cable and screw driver included
* Adjustable PU strap
* Minimum wrist size: 100mm (approx.)
* Maximum wrist size: 210mm (approx.)
* Case dimensions: 34.2 mm x 68 mm x 14.6 mm
* Weight: 60 grams
* Battery: PL402525 USB rechargeable watch battery
* Japanese and English instructions
* 1 year warranty

But since this isn’t available yet for shipping, you may want to check out these related Tokyofash products at Geekie Store.

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