Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch LED Watch

Who said touch screen is just for mobile phones, tablets, and monitors? Because whoever it was didn’t know that touch screen technology has been integrated in pocket watches too. Introducing the all-new Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch LED Watch! This is a limited edition; so if you are into anything touch screen, you better grab one before everyone else does!

True to its name, this Rogue Touch Pocket Watch features an LCD display with touch screen technology, bringing a whole new dimension to the traditional pocket watch. This touch screen display has four hot-zones (top, bottom, left, and right); now, if you want to change any of these mode, you simply touch it with your finger. The same is true if you want to customize it, only this time you need to hold your finger in place for a few seconds. If its the alarm that you want to set, then hold your finger over the alarm zone, and if it’s the time that you want to adjust, just touch over the time zone. That simple! And to prevent accidental input, the screen will automatically lock after 60 seconds.

How to read the time in this somewhat mysterious piece of timepiece? Well, you just have to note the 12 large blocks around the outside of the display. These blocks indicate the current hour in the same position as hours on a clock face. And then inside, there are smaller dots, which actually indicate the minutes 1-60. So there.

Here’s a summary of the product features:

* Displays the time (hours, minutes, seconds)
* Date mode
* Dual time (two time zones)
* Alarm mode
* LCD “always on” display
* LED backlight For illumination
* Animation feature (can be turned off)
* Audio feedback (can be turned off)
* Stainless steel case with spring-hinged cover
* Stainless steel chain included (35cm long)
* Case dimensions: 46.8mm x 46.8mm x 13.2mm
* Weight: 80 grams
* Battery CR2025 replaceable watch battery
* English instructions
* One year warranty

This Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch LED Watch will sure make a great gift this holiday season. Click here to find more Tokyo flash watch gift ideas!

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