KINGMAX 64GB Micro SD Card – The New Standard Capacity in Micro SD Storage

People often ask for more advanced technology – the bigger, the faster, the whole lot better. The latest breakthrough in storage technology may not be as profound as the discovery of magnetic discs or solid state drives but it is as exciting. No longer are portable devices limited to 32GB of additional MicroSD storage – Kingmax just released the world’s first large capacity Micro SD card to reach the 64GB barrier. Its large capacity, small size and faster transfer rate makes it an ideal storage media for smart phones, high-end digicams, recorders, and even personal computers. Even it’s just about the size of a fingernail, this 64GB microSD card is the ultimate data storage solution made to meet the demands of extreme performance and new generation gadgets.

Kingmax 64GB microSD is designed using 9 Stacked Die technology for this Class 6 micro SD card and complies with the latest SD 3.0 and Class 6 specifications. It also supports SD Card Association’s SD2.0 requirements. To use, simply plug the micro SD card into free slot and instantly reap the benefits of expanded memory for your HD videos, photos, mp3 players, mobile games, and other multimedia files. Furthermore, when used with different supported adapters, the Kingmax 64GB microSD card can also be used as an SD card or a USB thumb drive.

For added data reliability, this micro SD card comes with an Error Correction Code which auto detects sand and rebuilds data lost during transmission. Another great feature is the Wear leveling algorithm that distributes all the information into different location on the memory card to even out the average area usage and maximize product life.

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