Keep Your Eyes on the Road with Sportiiiis Sunglasses HUD

Whether you’re driving, jogging, or cycling it’s always a good idea to keep your eyes on the road and keep track of your workout data. But given the limited field of view and binocular nature of the human eyes, it’s quite impossible to be alert and aware of your surroundings, and closely monitor your stats on the workout gadget on your wrist, shoulder, or waist at the same time. Not with the new Sportiiiis heads up display (HUD). Perfect for performance athletes and serious competitors, this device attaches to almost any pair of sunglasses to deliver important workout data using seven multi-colored LED indicators. These LEDs are located on a small boom that’s strategically positioned near your primary visual field. Audible feedback is also available whenever needed thru a pair of integrated speakers.

The device works like this: The LEDs can be set up to respond to data sent by ANT+ devices. When paired with a heart rate monitor, you can configure how the lights will respond to your heart rate and then later upload that workout program into the Sportiiiis. As your heart rate climbs and descends you will see changes in the position and color of the LED indicators depending on how you programmed it. If visual cues are not enough, you can tap the side of the Sportiiiis to hear an audible data of your precise hear rate. A double tap, on the other hand, will switch between multiple paired sensors. Other profiles available are for power, cadence, and of course speed. Keeping an eye on your goal, path, and performance data simultaneously has never been so simple and safe with the new Sportiiiis HUD.

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