JVC RV-NB70 Kaboom!

Geeks like you sure love the JVC Kaboom!, yeah? Now here’s good news – this legendary boombox is back and is outfitted with more features. First released in 1998, this gadget has been renowned for its amazing power and durability. The new version remains true to its heritage but with some great additions such as a guitar/microphone input with mixing capabilities so users can achieve performance-style music enjoyment quickly, easily, and almost anywhere.

The new JVC RV-NB70 Kaboom! offers 40 watts of power yet preserves the general design of the original version – a large cylindrical shape with a woofer at each end. Room-rattling low frequency performance is ensured, thanks to the gadget’s bass enhancement circuitry. In this 2011 version, the dock for iPod is now designed for iPod and iPhone, and is protected behind a sealing door to prevent the gadget from getting damaged due to elements. The RV-NB70 Kaboom’s USB host also allows playback of MP3/WMA music that are stored in your USB mass storage device.

The RV-NB70 also comes with a CD player that’s capable of handling MP3 and WMA file playback, and an FM tuner. Thanks to its audio input, you can now easily connect it to other devices and take pleasure from them using your powerful Kaboom! sound system! Moreover, the Kaboom! offers both AC and DC operation. It’s also ideal for outdoor activities since it includes a shoulder strap, along with a remote control. Offered at a price of $299.95, the JVC RV-NB70 Kaboom! can now be yours anytime you want to.

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