Jump, Bounce, and Leap with TRAMP-It Jump Shoes

Bouncing can be a very fun and invigorating activity – just ask Tigger, that’s T – I – Double Guh – Er!, a very bouncy, pouncy, flouncy and trouncy resident of the 100 Acre Wood. If your kid has been watching too many Winnie the Pooh, chances are they’ll enjoy the experience of jumping around like the lovable Tigger. And if Tigger is not half made of springs, he’ll be craving for the new TRAMP-It jump shoes. This set of bouncing shoes is sure to put spring on your kid’s every stride. It primarily features an ultra-strong, flexible strip attached beneath the sole of the shoe. The strips enable the wearer to leap further, jump higher, and spring around the place in a bouncy rhythm. The design mechanism of the shoes allows adjustment for running or walking, quick lacing further made easier by additional click-fastener, and changing the shoe size for a safe and snuggly fit.

Let your kid strap on a pair and they’ll be as bouncy, pouncy, flouncy and trouncy as Tigger in no time. The shoes can even boost their endurance, improve their balance, strengthen their leg muscles, and give them plenty of exercise to spend all those youthful vigor.

The shoes’ adjustable spring can support a child or a full grown adult up to 100 kg body weight and comes in three different sizes of Small (UK 1 – 3.5), Medium (UK 4 – 6), and Large (UK 6.5 – 8).

Product Benefits:

• Trains endurance and coordination
• Strengthens muscles and tissues
• Increases oxygen supply
• Reduces neck and back pain
• Burns calories
• Hours of pure bouncing fun!

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