JetLev Flyer – Up, Up, and Away

Yes, we know it’s still Spring but isn’t it great to plan ahead for Summer? And when you hear the word Summer, you basically think of one thing – the beach. Hitting the waters is really a fun way to spend this hot season. Swimming, boating, surfing, snorkeling, and diving can sure bring you that beach water fun that you have always wanted. But why don’t you add something a little different this year? With this new geek gadget called the JetLev Flyer, you can go up, up, and away!

Soar 10 meters above the water at the speed of up to 35km/h with this amazing water-powered jetpack. Yes, you might have used jetskis and paragliders before, but this one is totally and amazingly different. The carbon-fibre JetLev is tethered through a flexible supply hose to a separate boat-like unit that contains a 4-stroke engine. This moves the pressurized water into the jetpack and then generate thrust by nozzle reaction force. If you don’t get the idea how this works, just imagine riding a pair of high-powered, easy-to-control fire hoses, and that’s it!

Now, you might ask, “How safe is this thing?” Well, unlike the other types of jetpack that you know, this one is made to be extremely safe since its supply hose limits the altitude. So, you don’t have to be scared because you won’t go too high. Yes, you’ll go up, up, and away but only up to 10 meters high.

Are you ready to try it? It comes with a hefty price tag though. But if money isn’t an issue, then pre-order the JetLev Flyer here!

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