Jellyfish Touch Color Lamp Displays Over 16 Million Different Colors

Do you ever dreamed of owning a lamp that changes its illumination to just about any color you want? Now, you can make that dream come true and get rid of the traditional lampshade in your room. How? By getting a Jellyfish Touch Color Lamp. This lamp will sure amaze you as it shifts to any of the 16 million different colors in the RGB spectrum. The said light reflects the natural design and beauty of the glowing jellies. These sea-creatures are what actually inspire the Jellyfish Touch Color Lamp. Its dome-shaped accent represents the body of the jellyfish.

The lamp’s panel is touch-sensitive and you have the power to control the coloring and shading via a simple process of finger swiping in various directions. All you need is to turn it on, swipe it left to make the color wheel appear, swipe it up to make the lamp’s body light up in different colors. To brighten and darken the color, all you need is to swipe up and down. You can double-tap it so this lamp can start cycling through. This touch color lamp also features 24 LEDs cycle between a rainbow palette as well as flowing solid colors.

Put this jellyfish-inspired lamp beside your bed and everyone that will enter your room will sure find it amazing and will be captivated by its beauty. True, it’s a unique way to display the color that you want in just about any place where there’s electricity. Stunned by the beauty of this lamp? Click here and purchase a Jellyfish Touch Color Lamp now.

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