iStation Rotate Speaker – The Superbly Designed iPod/iPhone Dock

Your iPod and iPhone are cool gadgets that allow you to enjoy great music and movies wherever, whenever. Whether you are at the beachfront having a grand getaway with your family or at the park simply spending a bonding moment with your kids, these gadgets sure come in handy, letting you experience more fun than ever. And so to add more convenience in using these nifty gadgets of yours, here’s the iStation Rotate Speaker – the superbly designed iPod/iPhone dock.

Featuring a cradle that can be rotated, this iPod/iPhone dock enables you to twist your iPhone, providing a perfect view of the movie you are watching. So who says you can’t enjoy watching movies in such small gadget? With the iStation Rotate Speaker, you get to maximize the functionality of your iPhone even if you are on the go.

Now, if you are also after excellent sound, then this iStation Speaker is the ultimate solution. It features 10w audio output – two 5w stereo speakers and class D amplifier and 3.5mm headphones jack so you can connect your other audio devices for more listening pleasure. And no worries about horrid beeping when someone calls your iPhone. Why? Because this features TDMA noise suppression technology.

So why don’t you partner your gadget with this iPod/iPhone dock? It even includes 7 different cradles, so whether you have an iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch/Touch 2G, iPod Classic, or iPod Nano 3G/4G, you are sure covered. Incredible sound quality, maximum functionality, and sleek looks will sure be yours if you got this iStation Rotate Speaker.

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