iRig Mic – Vocal Microphone for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

You need not be a singer, a vocalist, or a song writer to feel the need for a high-quality handheld condenser microphone for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. That’s because the iRig Mic is also perfect for people who want to record speeches, lectures, instruments, performances, or other sound sources on stage, in the studio, or in the field. Produced by IK Multimedia, the said microphone will sure address all your vocal and mobile sound needs. The iRig Mic is outfitted with a highly unidirectional electret-condenser microphone capsule that offers quality recording, in close mic and long distance mic conditions, as well as real-time monitoring.

What makes the iRig Mic instantly adjustable for any sound pressure condition is its three-level gain switch. The design makes it perfect for any handheld performance. It can also be mounted on any mic stand leaving the iOS device free for app operation. Thanks to its rugged metal body that makes the iRig road-ready for any mobile musician. Also, this mic features VocaLive free, the company’s new real time effects processor app designed for singers and vocalists; iRig Recorder, the new IK free audio recording app; and AmpliTube Free, the best selling app for guitar players and songwriters.

iRig Mic also works with a lot of other vocal and audio recording or processing apps for the iOS platform. This mic comes with a dual mini-jack connector that allows real-time monitoring on headphones, speakers, mixers, and Pas. Plus, it is way easy to set up for any sound source. Click here and get yourself an iRig Mic now.

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