iPhone Cassette Skin and Stand – Using the Old with the New

Do you remember the days back when people used cassette tapes to listen to their favorite music? Who would have thought that those tapes would be replaced by more convenient options such as CDs and MP3s? Oh how simple life was back then! Now, though we have really cool gadgets such as the iPhone, we can’t still forget the so simple things that we used to love. But hey, why not use the old with the new? If you got an iPhone, then you can have this iPhone Cassette Skin and Stand!

This accessory actually works in two ways: as a protective cover and and as an iPhone stand, thus the name iPhone Cassette Skin and Stand. To use it as a cover, simply slip it around your iPhone and start enjoying this old technology to protect your new gadget. And since it’s made of rubber, you need not worry about it scratching your precious phone while fitting it in. But apart from being a protective cover, this works great as an iPhone stand too. With this around, you can simply let your iPhone play your favorite MP3 for you, while your hands are free doing other things like updating your social network accounts.

See, we don’t really have to forget the old technology that we used to enjoy. In fact, with accessories like the iPhone Cassette Skin and Stand, we can relive the good old days while enjoying the conveniences of our modern gadget at the same time. Order one now!

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