ION IUK1 Discover Karaoke Computer System

Most of the time, it is the karaoke that gives life to the party. So if you are frequently hosting house parties with your friends, workmates, or your relatives, you must seriously consider getting a karaoke system. One of the best choices there is in the market is Discover Karaoke. It is a complete karaoke system that will sure give you a good time with your friends and loved ones. The best thing about it is, it smoothly works with your computer, iPad, or iPad 2! With its easy-to-use package of computer software and peripherals, you need not spend a lot for costly, bulky traditional karaoke machines that will just eat up some space in your home.

Why not have the time of your life now? With Discover Karaoke’s two included microphones and holders, you can sing duets to your heart’s content. You can also give your vocals a professional polish by using Discover Karaoke’s adjustable echo effect. Unlike the traditional karaoke machines, Discover Karaoke won’t confine you to the same old songs you’ve been singing for years now because it offers an expandable library of music, so you can always add up those hit songs at present. Discover Karaoke includes software that supports MP3+G song files plus expandable playlists and it also come with free PC software with access to thousands of your favorite songs.

The Discover Karaoke System includes:

  • Karaoke Speaker
  • Two microphones and holders
  • Software CD
  • Power adapter
  • iPad stand
  • 1/8 inch iPad connection cable
  • Documents and Downloads
  • Few songs to get you started

So if you want to be a singing sensation, waste no time. Click here and purchase Discover Karaoke System now!

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