ION Health USB Pedometer – Make It Your Best Exercise Buddy

There are so many things that we can do to stay fit and healthy and one of these is to exercise daily. Getting the right amount of exercise a day can help us lose weight and lower the risk of some diseases. As we always say, “too much of something is bad enough”; so even during exercise, we should have a target amount to meet our fitness goals. But how do we do this? We need to have an exercise buddy to keep track of our progress. No, not our best buddy in real life, but this – the ION Health USB Pedometer!

The main function of this device is to record the total distance you travel and the calories you burn. So when you go jogging every morning or perform any other activity included in your exercise regime, this USB Pedometer keeps track of your progress, allowing you to monitor how near or far you are from your fitness goals. In fact, you can set a target for the amount of exercise you wish to meet. Now once you meet this target, the pedometer’s alarm will go off, informing you that you are now free to relax because your exercise for the day is done.

And you know what one of the best features of this product is? It’s being light and compact! You’ll surely love how light and compact this thing is so you can easily carry it around your neck, pocket, or inside your bag.

So what are you waiting for? Make the ION Health USB Pedometer your best exercise buddy by ordering here!

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