ION Docuscan Offers High-Resolution 300 DPI Scanning Ability

Busy individuals who need some documents scanned without waiting for their computer to come on will sure find the ION Docuscan so helpful. All you need is to get the cable and find out how the software works. In just one touch, this device will convert your photos and documents to digital files and directly to an SD card. Its slim, sleek design makes it a great addition to your office or home. DocuScan’s SD card support and ultra portable design allows you to scan remotely even without turning your computer on.

Docuscan features an adjustable paper feeder which makes it easy for you to choose the most commonly used photo sizes (3×5, 4×6, 6×8) for fast and precise conversion. And as its name implies, you can use it in scanning documents that are up to standard 8’ x 11” sizes color and black-and-white. With the gadget’s high-resolution 300 DPI scanning ability, the quality will not be lost during the conversion process. The “paper sleeve” will protects your original document while scanning.

Moreover, with DocuScan’s integrated 2.4” LCD screen with zoom and rotate functions, you can immediately check the scanned images and documents. To share your photos, just eject the SD card and insert it into any compatible reader. You can also connect DocuScan directly to your Mac or PC computer without needing drivers. That’s made possible, thanks to the included USB cable. Whether you are archiving or uploading files to the Internet, all you need is to plug-in and drag-and-drop your files over to your computer. You see, this device is really helpful as it offers stand-alone operation. So click here and purchase a Docuscan now.

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