Iomega SuperHero Backup and Charger for iPhone

Have you ever experienced losing a mobile phone because you left it somewhere? Or how about losing an iPhone simply because somebody took it? If you answer yes to any of these questions, it’s likely that you were so frustrated upon losing such cool gadget considering the amount you spent on it. But the amount is actually nothing compared to the files you’ve lost including the pictures, movies, and of course, contacts that you have saved on it. This is actually the hardest part of losing a phone, much more an iPhone. So the next time you get one, make sure that you partner it with this Iomega Superhero Backup and Charger for iPhone.

As its name suggests, this Iomega Superhero is indeed a superhero on its own way because it saves the day by creating a backup for your precious photos and list of contacts. Simply put it on your counter or desktop and plug it into your wall outlet to start using it. Then, insert your phone in it and it will automatically backup your contacts and pictures, while you relax or do something important. And here’s another why you need to have this gadget accessory: it works as an iPhone charger at the same time. So you see, whenever you dock your phone on it, you don’t just create a backup of your files and contacts but also get to charge your iPhone without the need for a separate device.

Lose your iPhone contacts and photos no more! Get the Iomega SuperHero Backup and Charger for iPhone here now!

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