IOGEAR Multi-Link Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad – Keyboard and About 6x More

The rectangular input device in your desktop with QWERTY and other assortment of keys that resembles that of the typewriter of old and goes click click click is a keyboard. The new IOGEAR (take a deep breath before reading out loud) Multi-Link Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad (GKM611B) introduced last CES 2011 is a totally whole new thing together. This AA-powered super keyboard can wirelessly juggle, manage and switch between six Bluetooth enabled devices, allowing easy managing of HTPCs, gaming consoles, smart phones and more. Participants in the said event just witnessed a whole new level of data input for social network, multimedia, gaming and office applications.

IOGEAR managed to smoothly combine entertainment, office productivity and communication into an input device. The Bluetooth 2.0 technology integrated in the GKM611B features 30 feet of operating range, this makes moving around and connecting to different Bluetooth enabled device a breeze. When a user picks a Bluetooth capable device, the Multi-Link Bluetooth Keyboard’s customizable hotkeys kicks-in, offering an even more convenient way of managing televisions, videos, pictures, music, Internet browsers, volume control and other devices or applications. The built-in touch pad with left and right mouse buttons offers additional functionality, with the GKM611B, users no longer need to have a separate mouse around when switching between different devices.

The Multi-Link Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad also features an ultra-slim, lightweight (just 1.9 lbs!) and low profile design that adds style and comfort in any typing job. The ergonomic design comfortably conforms to laps and surfaces and comes with a slip resistant base.

More IOGEAR Bluetooth Keyboard options can be viewed here.

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