Introducing the Moshi Moshi Office Phone

Do you spend so much time talking through your cellphone? Or perhaps, you often make a lengthy conversation via Skype, iChat or Google Talk? If you do, then you will sure find this new gadget rather interesting. Introducing the Moshi Moshi Office Phone!

At first glance, you might think that it is a traditional handset. Actually, it is, only that it connects to your cool gadgets like your iPhone. You see, your iPhone’s calling features can be really convenient. But when you make lengthy calls and your phone starts to heat up, do you sometimes find yourself wishing that you could use a traditional handset instead? If yes, then this Moshi Moshi Office Phone will make that wish come true. Simply plug this to your iPhone via a 3.5mm jack and you’re good to go.

But hey, this office phone is not limited to your iPhone! You can also connect it to your iPad if you want to make calls via Skype, iChat, and Google Talk. Feel as if your making a call using a traditional handset and talk as long as you want, reliving those days when your home was still handset dependent.

Now, you choose which color you like: gloss white or soft touch black, the two available colors for the Moshi Moshi Office Phone. And it comes with a silicone mat, too, which is just perfect to protect your beloved iPhone and iPad.

So wish no more for that traditional handset feel when making calls via your iPhone/iPad. Get the Moshi Moshi Office Phone here now!

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