Insignia NS-KDTR1 LittleBuddy GPS Child Tracker – Especially For You

Are you in constant contact with your children and loved ones? Do you keep track of their whereabouts all of the time every day? Nowadays, we are all at risk of the dangers that lurk everywhere around our environment. Safety is one priority concern that we need to overcome. Some may opt to have body guards, but what if something safer and less visible could change the way we look at safety issues today? What a wonderful world we might have with this new gadget.

Keeping constant tabs with loved ones and children at all times is possible with this little but refined gadget that combines Global Positioning System (GPS) and cellular phone technology allows you to have real time information and data. This device, the Little Buddy, can fit into any small space away from any prying eyes. Portable and less visible, it can be one great gadget fit for surveillance and tracking jobs. The ultimate life preserver, this cool gadget can be the link between life and death situations.

Easily customizable, safety alerts and notifications will be quickly delivered to keep track of the holder’s location. Uninterrupted data gathering and specifications are always ready. Secure and up to date systems checks provide real time data anytime of the day. Even battery alerts or notifications are also included in the system analysis. 24/7 monitoring will be available to keep you one step ahead of any problem. So have one now and see the difference of this new gadget for yourself.


Check out the LittelBuddy for more details and price at Amazon.


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