IN2100 Projector Series – Bright Visuals and Audio

So, what’s the worst thing that you have experienced with your current projector in the office or in school? Is it the not-so-clear projected image when you aren’t able to keep the room as dark as it should? Or is it the low-quality audio which your clients and colleagues or your students can barely hear? If you’ve experienced any of these or even both, then it’s time you make that big switch. But what product can possibly give you bright visuals and audio at the same time? Well, look no further, because InFocus has the perfect answer to that – introducing the IN2100 Projector Series!

Designed with the business and education professionals in mind, the IN2100 projector series provides more than what a typical projector can offer and at a lower cost at that. Experienced getting not-so-clear images in ambient daylight? Well, not with the IN2100 because it features 3000 lumens of brightness, providing you with bright, clear images under daylight and fluorescent lights. Now, you can keep those shades open, so you can see your audience more clearly, without sacrificing the visuals of your presentation.

How about the audio? This won’t let you down as well because it has powerful built-in audio – thanks to its two 5-watt speakers that allow all your audience to clearly hear your video presentations’ audio. Now, you don’t have to get separate speakers just to pair with this gadget. But it’s included with a 3.5 mm stereo audio out plug in case you want to connect it to installed audio systems.

So, want to switch to the IN2100 Projector Series? Or do you want to see more? Here check out more inFocus Projectors at Amazon.

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