iMSO-104 iPad Oscilloscope

In the arsenal of electronic instruments founding almost any house, one of the most powerful instruments is the oscilloscope – an instrument used for measuring time-varying signals such as the signal’s frequency and peak value. In case you have a signal that differs with time, either quickly or slowly, measure it through the oscilloscope. It can also be used to find faults in different electronics circuits such as logic circuits, analogue circuits, and radio circuits.

Now there’s good news for people who’ve got several iDevices – you can now find an oscilloscope designed specifically for such devices. Named iMSO-104, this first mixed signal oscilloscope is made especially for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This gadget is so intuitive and easy to use, so it’s ideal even for novice inventors out there. Its intuitive hand gestures that you can use to navigate is the Trigger Level which can be set by simply touching the screen’s right side and swiping either up or down. Zooming or adjusting the vertical and horizontal scales can be achieved by moving two fingers away from each other. To zoom out, all you need is to pinch the screen by moving two fingers toward each other. Repositioning channels can be accomplished by merely touching and swiping your preferred channel to any position on the screen so you can customize your display.

What’s more? You can download iMSO in the App Store and test drive this interface free of charge! Oscium makes this test equipment more intuitive. Among it’s other specs are:

  • iMSO-104 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Hardware
    1x/10 Analog Probe
    Logic Harness (4 Digital + 1 Ground)
    SMD Grabbers (4 Digital + 1 Ground)
    Bandwidth – 5MHz
    Max sample rate – 12 MSPS
    Screwdriver for Analog Waveform Compensation Adjustment
    Analog tip covers (2 pieces)

Click here to purchase the iMSO-104 iPad Oscilloscope now!

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