iLuv iMM727 Stereo Speaker Dock for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod

Have you ever wished there’s a better way for you to dock and enjoy great sound with your cool gadgets like iPad, iPhone, and iPod? It’s quite costly if you get two separate gadget accessories – one that acts solely as dock and another as speaker. And of course, given an option to get a gadget accessory that works both ways, for sure you’ll grab it. Well here’s good news, your wish has finally come true! Introducing the iLuv iMM727 ArtStation Speaker Dock for iPhone, iPod, and iPad!

First, let’s look at the speaker aspect of this product. Designed using a unique advance in the art and engineering of stereo audio sound, this speaker provides you only with a full 3D sound that other speakers could not deliver. Not only that, it also features enhanced jAura technology so you get a sound that is not only rich but is also clear and bold. So if any of your cool gadgets’ built-in speakers do not seem to satisfy you as far as high quality sound output is concerned, then this gadget accessory will sure be a good buy.

Now, how about as a dock? The highlight of this product is its rotational arm. Unlike other iPod, iPhone, and iPad docks, this one is built with an arm that rotates 90° for landscape or portrait view. So that is basically an added convenience for you.

Really, there are lots to love about this product. Check out this gadget accessory and other related products here.

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