Ila SPORT Pedometer and Running Alarm – Great for Exercise and Emergencies

After reading the name of this gadget, for sure you are wondering why this one is great for emergencies too. Well, although the Ila SPORT Pedometer and Running Alarm is designed mainly for those who want to monitor their exercise program, this actually serves another purpose, thus you will find it very reliable if you find yourself in an emergency. Let’s say, you went out to jog one night. And then suddenly, a man ran beside you and tried to harass you. Now, this is where you can make use of this running alarm. Simply press the button on the top and it will emit a shrill 130 decibel alarm, enough to catch the crook off-guard and grab the attention of passers-by near your vicinity. This is just the perfect defense that you can bring anytime, anywhere.

But let’s go back to its main function. As a sport pedometer, you can very much rely on this to measure not just your steps but also the rough distance that you’ve already covered. So if you have an exercise program, this can track your progress, thus you will know how to pace yourself in order to achieve your exercise goal. Now, here’s the more exciting part of this pedometer – it also counts the calories you have burned, so you’ve got added motivation there. If you are trying to lose weight through exercise, then this gadget will sure help a lot in tracking your progress.

So do you want to have this gadget to use during exercise and emergencies? Order the Ila SPORT Pedometer and Running Alarm here!

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