iHome iA17 – Wake or Sleep to your Own Music and Choice of Soothing or Energetic Light

Still using that old, boring alarm clock to wake you up in the morning? Or do you use your iPhone’s or iPod’s alarm feature for a change at least? If you do the latter, then maybe you want to wake or sleep to your own music and choice of soothing light together with any of these gadgets. I’m sure, you do, but maybe you’ll ask, “How?” The answer – by using the app-enhanced color changing stereo FM alarm clock radio for iPhone/iPod.

Isn’t it nice to start or end your day with your favorite sounds? If you prefer waking up with an upbeat music every morning, then you better use this universal docking station for your iPod or iPhone and set it to play your favorite dance or R&B music to jumpstart your day. Same is true if you simply can’t sleep without listening to your favorite tunes. Whether you like to end the day with classical music, love songs, and just mellow music, you can trust this gadget accessory to do that for you. Simply dock your iPod or iPhone on this accessory, and it will play your favorite tunes until you dozed off. And what’s even more amazing about this is that it charges your gadget too. So, you don’t need to stress yourself finding that charger to juice that gadget up.

Now, why don’t we combine that music with energetic or soothing lights? The iA17 changes color at the touch of a button. You can choose from five color change modes such as slow fade spectrum, favorite color, pulse to music, fast change spectrum, or no color. Now, isn’t that a more relaxing way to start or end your day – a combination of sounds and lights?

Get the iHome iA17 here.

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