iCarte – NFC and RFID Reader/Writer

Geeks who want to provide their iPhone 3GS and 3G with amazing capabilities can get an iCarte. This is an NFC (Near Field Communication) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Writer/Reader that allows NFC two way communication, RFID read/write, as well as contactless payment capability. It is actually an accessory that you can attach to the bottom connector of your iPhone. Once connected, it will transform your iPhone into an NFC phone and as an RFID Reader/Writer. This device also has an embedded smart element that can be turned into a credit, debit, loyalty, or pre-paid card. Isn’t it great that you can also use your phone as an electronic wallet?
iCarte 110 NFC/RFID & Payment Adaptor for iPhone 3GS

This is an NFC/RFID Reader and Contactless Payment that’s made for iPhone 3G/3GS to make it possible for you to enjoy RFID read/write, NFC two-way communication, as well as Contactless Payment capabilities. The iCarte can read and write the NFC and RFID tag information and communicate it to iPhone. The said device features an embedded smart chip that can be configured as a card that you can use for safe contactless transactions.

Another advantage of the iCarte 110 is, it can read NFC Smart Posters and download or upload receipts, tickets, or coupons. True, it is great for geeks who wish for speedy and safe contactless payments, loyalty rewards, monitoring balances, and many other services via their iPhone. Users of iCarte can also benefit from commercial applications like document tracking, asset tracking, security, healthcare, and access control. The iCarte 420 does the same functions but it is designed for the iPhone 4.

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