iCade for iPad – Playing Arcade Games Made Possible

So what was your favorite arcade games in the past? Was it PacMan, Donkey Kong, or Street Fighter? Or was it Contra, Missile Command, or Frogger? The list could actually go on and on, and for sure, while you were reading each game, you couldn’t help but recall those days when you were still so into any of those arcade and atari games. But hey, why not relive those days even with your advanced touchscreen tablet? Yes, playing arcade games using your iPad is very much possible now! How? By simply using this geek gadget called iCade for iPad.

The design of this gadget is actually very familiar – just look at the cabinet style that features a chunky joystick and eight full-sized buttons that are integrated wirelessly with your iPad’s internal jiggery pokery. Only that this one is a lot smaller than the original, right? But hey, it’s okay as long as you can play arcade and atari games with it, which you can very much download via the Atari Greatest Hits app. Mum. Plus, you can also update those new and existing apps to work with this iCade. Just imagine Angry Birds with a retro twist, and for sure, you can’t wait to try this one for such unique and awesome fun and entertainment. Now, once you are done playing or simply don’t want to use it as a playing accessory, you can very much turn it into an iPad dock/stand.

Want to have one? The iCade for iPad is available to pre-order here.

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