Hyperkin PS3 Remotext Delivers Full Range of Functions

Yes it’s official! Hyperkin has announced the launched of its baby – the PS3 Remotext. See, Hyperkin has been a renowned and trusted company when it comes to video game peripherals so this new addition in its product line will sure capture everyone’s heart. This amazing gadget, which will be launched at E3 this month, boasts its full QWERTY keypad and DVD/Blu-ray Control. It allows you to text other players within your Playstation Network, or lets you use the dual analog sticks and buttons in navigating PS3 games.

With the PS3 Remotext, you can easily control the playback of Blu-Ray movies, DVDs, CDs, and media streams on the PS3 system. Users of this device are also made capable of playing games, watching Blu-ray movies, as well as typing all with one controller. And do you know what will make you love this product more? It’s the slide-out QWERTY keypad! It is positioned conveniently to make typing a whole lot easier and does not interfere with its other features. As for the gaming controls, Hyperkin uses the same layout as the usual Dualshock 3 pad. When you are not using the keypad, the remote has Blu-ray player functionality. Yes, it has all the buttons everyone’s expecting on a Blu-ray player remote.

To control the PS3 system with ease, all you need is to simply attach the included USB receiver to an open port on the system. According to Steven Mar, Hyperkin’s Business Director, the PS3 Remotext is a great solution for texting and watching movies and it has everything you need to access all of the PS3’s major functions. Since it is yet to be released, you can check pricing and availability of related products like the PS3 Text Link Slideout Remote at Amazon now!

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