HTC Flyer – A Portable Tablet with a Magic Pen

So your son or daughter now needs a computer and you’re torn between getting a laptop or tablet. Why not choose the latter? After all, a tablet is considered as the next-generation mobile PC and its power, versatility, and portability make it the perfect solution for students who are always on the go. While a laptop can also be considered portable, there is a big difference in its weight when compared to a tablet. Most tablets offer longer battery life. So if you think your geekling needs more hours of power with the standard battery included in the computer, then better go for a tablet.

HTC Flyer is a tablet like no other! Yes, this seven-inch tablet comes with a magic pen that’s capable of doing so much more than you can imagine. From making masterpieces using just a paintbrush, to creating multimedia notes, and signing digital documents, the said tablet makes you always in control of just about any situation. Best is, HTC Flyer lets you stream movies in just a touch of your finger. Another thing is, this tablet comes with HTC Sense. It also lets you take pleasure a full library of Hollywood blockbusters with HTC Watch.

True, the HTC Flyer provides you with a richer Internet experience. With this, you can surf the web in style using multi-window browsing. Its 1.5 GHz processor assures superfast browsing and seamless multitasking. To capture life’s greatest moments, just use its 5MP camera and HD camcorder. You sure won’t have any trouble finding your subject because it comes with extrasized viewfinder. To check out availability and pricing of HTC Flyer here and other related products like android tablets here.

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